Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweep me away

Today my boyfriend decided to take me to L.A. after doing some chores at home. lol. It was really nice of him since gas is expensive these days which makes me not want to drive anywhere. So his "surprise" in L.A. is taking me to The Grove in Mid-City. I have always wanted to go there just to venture around and he surprised me by taking me there. :) 

L.A. freeway always has traffic. T-T

He has the cutest stuffed animals in car. lol.

The Grove overall was not really much...I mean I liked the atmosphere but it was reallyyyy small like maybe only 15 shops. I was so disppointed because we drove all the way here to find that it wasn't what we had expected. 
 There was also a Farmer's Market there which is so cool and it made me happier after the disappointment.

 It was really nice walking around and all but OMG.. T-T everything was sooo expensive! like chocolate toffee was $16.. I nearly fainted. But oh well it was a great experience. :) After that we went to MILK. This place sells ice cream and a lot of yummy baked goods! My sister was the one who took me to this place once and I was addicted to their ice cream sandwiches. YUMMM.

 My boyfriend got 2 scoops of cookies & cream and chocolate while I got a vanilla ice cream sandwich. Their ice cream is really good and they have a lot of interesting flavors like thai tea and red velvet. The ice cream sandwich is basically like a macaroon but the filling is ice cream. 

 I cracked up when I saw this. We usually see brownies but never blondies. LOL!

 My first time seeing a blue velvet cake. It looked so yummy though. O______O
 Me munching away my ice cream sandwich. LOL. such a piggy I am.
This was my FOTD. :) 

Thanks for reading guys! Also, can you guys give me some suggestions on what you would like to read more about? Like if you guys want to see makeup tutorials and less of outing post etc. 


ajisainokimi_32491 said...

it looks like fun :]

♔.PAN-PAN said...

Nice make :)
Your fringe seems to stay perfect all the time ♥

Anonymous said...

shopping in LA is great! fun fun fun :D!!!

kerker said...

looks like you had a great day! I miss LA (im from australia)