Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For the love of makeup

hello everyone! how is your week so far? ^^ My week has been pretty boring..haha. I'm not even doing anything this spring break which sucks because not a lot of people are on spring break. Everyone already had their spring break and I'm barely starting mine which means everyone will be busy! :( sigh.. I'm actually starting a list of what to do for the rest of this week. So yay..! time for some productivity! 

So I wanted to share with you guys my makeup corner. :) 

 Tada! lol. I guess it's not very interesting to look at since it's so cluttered. 
 I keep all my brushes in these cute cups that I got as gifts. All the face brushes are in the blue cup and eye shadow etc. in the small white cup.
 In this cow thing which I THINK is a cup holder or something because it's perfectly round and fits my cup! lol! but I use it for all my eyeliners and eyebrow pencil.
 This first drawer contains all my false lashes way in the back which you can't see in this picture. sorry guys; I'm so horrible at taking detailed picures. Also, just mascara and contacts.
 All my eye shadow palettes and blushes go in here. Gosh, I swear I have so much that I don't even use all of them but I always find excuses to keep them thinking that I might use it later on. D: I'm so bad...
Lastly, is my drawer of lipsticks and foundation. This drawer seriously needs rearranging! Don't you guys think?? >__________<
tehe. my growing lipstick collection. :3 

I also wanted to share with you guys.............
 Strawberry Pocky! 

It's strawberry covered biscuit sticks. it's soooooooo yummy! I really wanted this so my boyfriend gave it to me. haha. It's interesting because  the sticks are heart shaped. ^^ 

I also went to Half&Half in Monterey Park today. It's a boba shop located in the plaza across from Ralphs on Atlantic. I think that this place is way too small.. they always have a lot of customers and there aren't enough seats too. They usually take a while to make the drinks too, but besides all that the drinks are really good!

Iced Milk Drink w/Grass Jelly and Honey Boba
I recommend that you guys try the milk drinks. It's soooooooooooo GOOD! 
Well that's it for now. ^^


ajisainokimi_32491 said...

so much make up!!! and kudos for being super organized

Anonymous said...

omggg intense makeupsss!!! and here i thought that my collection is larger than most girls!