Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind the makeup

Spring break is now over and no more free time for anything.. boo.. >____> So I'm going to be busy with school and probably not a lot of time to post much but I'm trying my best to post at least once or twice a week. I actually have homework to do right now T-T but I wanted to make a quick post before I start. hehe. 

There have been many stories about how different people look without makeup and I have to say thank goodness for makeup! LOL! I'm sure that many of us see flaws in our appearance that results in women using makeup a lot. We all have our insecurities and it's understandable.
SOOOOOO.. I wanted to share with you guys some pictures on the power of makeup. This is going to be mind blowing.

 YES, that's really her without makeup!

There are a lot of stories of girls with and without makeup that are pretty amazing but in my opinion these two girls blew my mind the most. 

okay, here are some pictures of how I look with makeup. ^_^'


So what do you guys think?? 

I'm pretty sure you guys are wondering why in my before picture I have like a gigantic mole and then in my after makeup I don't. I actually got it removed the beginning of this year. My mom actually made me do it because it just keeps on growing. I was debating on whether to listen to my mom or just keep it but I just decided to get it surgically removed. At first I didn't like it but now I kind of miss it. lol. I don't wear makeup much and I normally don't really take a lot of pictures when I don't either so hence the lack of pictures of me without makeup. 

I'm was pretty insecure about my appearance a while back because I had a lot of flaws that I saw in myself and it made me unhappy but now I made some changes. I am trying to just embrace the fact that I can't change how I naturally look. Well unless I get plastic surgery but I wouldn't want to go through that. There's just too much to talk about about plastic surgery so I'll just leave it at that. That's all for now.

do you guys feel insecure without makeup too??

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Hera HD Foundation

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you guys a review of one of my favorite foundations.

Hera HD Foundation SPF15/PA++ in #23 True Beige

Origin: South Korea
Contents: 30ml 
Description: Super fitting and silky touches. HD powder fills irregularities on Skin and creates sleek skin.
To Use: After make up base, pump on the back of your hand 2~3 times. Spread through out your face in order cheek, forehead, nose, chin, from the center to outward of your face

This foundation in my opinion is comparable with the Makeup Forever HD foundation except the Hera one has more of a warmer undertone.

~ Has a light scent to it that is not so strong; very bearable. 
~ Medium to heavy coverage
~ Has a warm undertone which doesn't make my face look so white.
~ Love that it gives you a nice dewy finish
~ Love the packaging of the bottle, it looks very sleek and elegant. Also, the pump is handy because it gives you a good amount of foundation in one pump
~ Did not break me out like many foundations
~ Really does give you an HD look! ^_^ my skin looks oh so smooth and flawless in pictures!

~ Pretty pricey.. I would say around $35 - $40 ish depending where you get yours.
~ May be a bit hard to find
~ Limited color selection

Overall: 4/5
I really love this foundation because it makes my skin look so flawless! If you want a good foundation that would cover up redness and pores then I would recommend this foundation but if you're looking for a lighter foundation then this one might not be for you. I took a point off because it's pretty pricey.. I got mine on Ebay for about $35 plus $5 shipping so $40?? This foundation is by far my most expensive foundation but I love it so much that I could shell out another $40 for it. 

Happy readings ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweep me away

Today my boyfriend decided to take me to L.A. after doing some chores at home. lol. It was really nice of him since gas is expensive these days which makes me not want to drive anywhere. So his "surprise" in L.A. is taking me to The Grove in Mid-City. I have always wanted to go there just to venture around and he surprised me by taking me there. :) 

L.A. freeway always has traffic. T-T

He has the cutest stuffed animals in car. lol.

The Grove overall was not really much...I mean I liked the atmosphere but it was reallyyyy small like maybe only 15 shops. I was so disppointed because we drove all the way here to find that it wasn't what we had expected. 
 There was also a Farmer's Market there which is so cool and it made me happier after the disappointment.

 It was really nice walking around and all but OMG.. T-T everything was sooo expensive! like chocolate toffee was $16.. I nearly fainted. But oh well it was a great experience. :) After that we went to MILK. This place sells ice cream and a lot of yummy baked goods! My sister was the one who took me to this place once and I was addicted to their ice cream sandwiches. YUMMM.

 My boyfriend got 2 scoops of cookies & cream and chocolate while I got a vanilla ice cream sandwich. Their ice cream is really good and they have a lot of interesting flavors like thai tea and red velvet. The ice cream sandwich is basically like a macaroon but the filling is ice cream. 

 I cracked up when I saw this. We usually see brownies but never blondies. LOL!

 My first time seeing a blue velvet cake. It looked so yummy though. O______O
 Me munching away my ice cream sandwich. LOL. such a piggy I am.
This was my FOTD. :) 

Thanks for reading guys! Also, can you guys give me some suggestions on what you would like to read more about? Like if you guys want to see makeup tutorials and less of outing post etc. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For the love of makeup

hello everyone! how is your week so far? ^^ My week has been pretty boring..haha. I'm not even doing anything this spring break which sucks because not a lot of people are on spring break. Everyone already had their spring break and I'm barely starting mine which means everyone will be busy! :( sigh.. I'm actually starting a list of what to do for the rest of this week. So yay..! time for some productivity! 

So I wanted to share with you guys my makeup corner. :) 

 Tada! lol. I guess it's not very interesting to look at since it's so cluttered. 
 I keep all my brushes in these cute cups that I got as gifts. All the face brushes are in the blue cup and eye shadow etc. in the small white cup.
 In this cow thing which I THINK is a cup holder or something because it's perfectly round and fits my cup! lol! but I use it for all my eyeliners and eyebrow pencil.
 This first drawer contains all my false lashes way in the back which you can't see in this picture. sorry guys; I'm so horrible at taking detailed picures. Also, just mascara and contacts.
 All my eye shadow palettes and blushes go in here. Gosh, I swear I have so much that I don't even use all of them but I always find excuses to keep them thinking that I might use it later on. D: I'm so bad...
Lastly, is my drawer of lipsticks and foundation. This drawer seriously needs rearranging! Don't you guys think?? >__________<
tehe. my growing lipstick collection. :3 

I also wanted to share with you guys.............
 Strawberry Pocky! 

It's strawberry covered biscuit sticks. it's soooooooo yummy! I really wanted this so my boyfriend gave it to me. haha. It's interesting because  the sticks are heart shaped. ^^ 

I also went to Half&Half in Monterey Park today. It's a boba shop located in the plaza across from Ralphs on Atlantic. I think that this place is way too small.. they always have a lot of customers and there aren't enough seats too. They usually take a while to make the drinks too, but besides all that the drinks are really good!

Iced Milk Drink w/Grass Jelly and Honey Boba
I recommend that you guys try the milk drinks. It's soooooooooooo GOOD! 
Well that's it for now. ^^