Friday, May 4, 2012

A look into my closet

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last posted.. >_< sorry for the lack of posts. I just finished my exams and I am so relieved!! I have also been very lazy this week so I didn't put on any make up an dressed very lazily.. like just jeans and threw on a sweater. BAM! my outfit of the week. lol but just a different sweater everyday. -_______-;; I have a few photos to show you guys my fashion, which, I still need to improve a bit more. ^-^; 

these are all that I have for now and yeah.. I don't really have much of a fashion sense. ^-^;; trying to improve though!

here are some photos of Kevin too! I really like his style. :) he likes high class stuff so thus... lol.

yeah.... he jokes around like this a lot. LOL. 

 look at this boy scout. LOL

he seems seriously manly and all but sometimes he can be much of a girl. xD

This is all I have for now and I will post what's in my bag for the next post so stay tuned! ^_^

here are some more random photos. :D


lizchewy said...

Cute photos!! I love your backpack!!


halbae-bacon said...

personally, i love your style! backpack is super cute! *A*