Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Daily Skincare + What's In My Bag

When I was younger I didn't pay very close attention my skin to a point when I had acne, I would constantly pop them. Not only did that spread the bacteria more, it also ruined my skin. As I'm growing older I'm learning more about beauty that I wish I had learned about when I was younger. I take my skincare more seriously now and try to invest in really good skin products. I use to only cleanse my face then moisturizer and that's it. I watch Michelle Phan's youtube videos from time to time about beauty and one of her videos on layering skincare encouraged me to try layering skincare as well. 

So there is my skincare corner..haha! It seems like a lot but some of my friends have way more than this. CRAZIER THAN ME..! Well it's not crazy if you want to take good care of your skin.
Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Cow Milk Foam Cleanser?
Before I start layering my skincare, I would first cleanse my face with these two products. First, Scrub my face thoroughly with this daily scrub. This scrub is my life! It works wonders on brightening my skin. Then I would cleanse my face with this foam cleanser, it contains an amount of milk to help moisturize your skin. This Isn't the bottle just cute? :)

 Skin Conditioner Lotion with vitamin C
 SASAtine Skin brightening Lotion
Kose Sekkisei lotion (sample, but I'm loving it!)
Okay, so I don't use all three of these lotions at once but I occasionally switch between these lotions every week. My favorite out of the three so far is the Kose Sekkisei lotion but the full size is pretty pricey. So after I scrub and cleanse my face, I get a cotton pad and pump out an adequate amount of the lotion and just wipe my face as if removing makeup and  let the product soak in.

Sexy Look Whitening Mask
I would also occasionally use this mask in replacement of the lotions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask! This mask ear straps so you can get every inch of your face and I love that it gets my chin and neck too because they need the love too. LOL! Quality wise it also works wonders. It does a great job of whitening and it actually lasts! 

Biore Pore Pack (nose strips)
I know it has a picture of a guy on it which means it is meant for guys even though it is all in Chinese. I have tried MANY nose strips and they do not work on my stubborn whiteheads AT ALL. So my boyfriend let me try his and OMG a miracle! Even though it was nasty seeing so many whiteheads when I peeled it off but it left my nose super clean! 

Kose Sekkisei Liquid Wash (also a sample)
Also a great product, it cleanses very and it leaves your skin super radiant and supple.

Detaclear Peeling Gel
This gel helps remove all the dead skin on your face and leaves your face nice and clean.

JUJU Cosmetics Peach Whitening Mist
After lotioning my face, I would spray this peach mist. It feels really good on  my skin and it also adds collagen.

Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream
It's very important to use eye cream because your eyes are very sensitive because of it's thin layer of skin under your eye. 

O'slee Hydra Medi Intensive Hydrating Serum
Squeeze a small amount of this serum on your hand and rub it between your hands then pat all over your face.
I would use this tool with my scrub to help get into my pores better.

Kose moisture white essence

Sexy Look Whitening Night Mask
This is the last step in my skincare to keep all the goodies in tact. This is a night mask that you can leave on over night and wash off in the morning. I usually do this when I know I'm going to shower in the morning because mind as well wash it off in the shower.

Finish off with Fresh sugar lip treatment
I will try to do a more thorough review on these products later on. I can't promise since I've broken my promise of blogging more but then I didn't get to because of some occuring problems I had. :( I'm really sorry!

What's in my bag? (updated)

1. Alexander Wang Rocco inspired bag
2. Car keys
3. Mints
4. Guccy glasses
5. Rilakkuma planner
6. Medicate chapstick
7. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone
8. Stylus for my iPad
9. iPad & earphones
10. Rilakkuma USB
11. Canmake compact powder
12. wallet

And lastly here are pictures of my camwhoring. hehehe. 


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