Monday, June 25, 2012

Away I Go

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I was pretty busy with finals and then on a hunt for a summer job. I didn't realize that I have not blogged for so long.. boy the weeks sure pass fast! On the brighter side, I finally got my AA degree in Natural Sciences! ^-^ I'm really taking my time to find out what I really want to do in life so it took my 3 years at a community college. I'm really glad I chose the path of going to a community college because it really saved my parents and I a lot of money. For someone who has yet to find out what they want to do life I'm not wasting money at a more prestigious college to find out. Anywho.. ^-^; I have been really lazy lately with taking photos of my outfits and makeup and all. My goal this summer was to go all out where ever I go but it hasn't worked out for me since I'm home mostly and it means I'm being a couch potato. :( 

My cousins came to stay with my family for about a week now because their house is getting fumigated so it means company for the next couple of weeks. :) We did have our adventures and my cousin managed to take some pretty awesome photos. I felt like getting some fresh air so I took my cousins to Santa Monica beach and managed to stop by the promenade to window shop.

...and then korean bbq after at Castle! 

The next day my boyfriend was bored so he wanted to take us out and we decided to visit LACMA since I have never been there before.

 After, my boyfriend took us to this really nice caffe called Urth Caffe near Beverly Hills. He said that Miley Cyrus and other famous stars go there but unfortunately we didn't get lucky. :( This place is known for their lattes which I have to admit is pretty good.

I got Japanese tea latte and they drew a leaf. ^-^

And lastly tiramisu for dessert.

I will be sure to blog more since I have a lot of time this summer and I am going to have a makeup sale too. I want to clear out all my makeup that I don't use and start doing some makeup tutorials. 


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